Heather van der Breggen Art Show

Artist: Heather van der Breggen
Art Show Dates: August 1st – August 29th, 2017

Artist Statement:

I invite you to place yourself in front of each of these pieces. Breathe. Feel. Respond. Connect.

The process of making art is always fluid for me, I start with a plan and then the work takes me to places I didn’t expect. This is the magic.

Originally I started out this series to express my feelings about consent. So much talk of the date rape drug made me angry. That anger banged around in my head. This has been going on since the beginning of time, the fear of calling it what it is, the deflection from the perpetrator to the tool used to accomplish abuse, which have changed from shear overpowering of one with no voice to alcohol and drugs. We teach our daughters to be wary and protect themselves…are we teaching our sons about control? Why was I so angry? I thought I was beyond that.

I decided to paint it out and looked at my own healing through the years with the help of the chakras, their colors and meanings combined with the psychology of color. The plan was to begin with black, the absence of light, next the three lower chakra colors then gray, the neutral point followed by the four upper chakras, then white containing all colors of the spectrum. They were not painted in that order, instead I was led by the color, movement, words, and sounds associated with each color. The first color/chakra I was drawn to paint was the Root, next the Sacral then the Throat. No coincidence there. I was immersed in what was required now, to bring me peace.

Discovering as I went, I realized that these were universal strides in healing. Trauma happens and sends us each on a path. It affects us in different areas that we are often unaware of. Threads of it surface in how we treat our bodies, what we say to ourselves and others, our ability to give and receive love.

I found that like my creating process, healing is also many layers of fluidity. A continuum of flowing forward, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, instilling discomfort and peace, resulting in the sweetness of surrender and forgiveness. Rest. Float. Ahhhhh, there’s a pull, another layer…

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