The Saskatoon Painters Club at Calories

The Saskatoon Painters Club
The Saskatoon Painters Club was formed in 1992. There are now nineteen members, who meet at Grace Westminster United Church on Wednesdays from September through April.
The weekly painting sessions provide a place where they are able to share the different genres, techniques and ways to promote their work. They are always challenging themselves artistically by bringing in professional artists to lead workshops several times a year.
The Saskatoon Painters make up an eclectic group painting in watercolour, acrylic, and collage with styles ranging from impressionism and realism to abstract. They show their work at a number of venues throughout Saskatoon. Their year long endeavors culminate in a three day show and sale every October at Grace Westminster United Church.
We love what we do and it’s a treat for us to share our work. Enjoy!
Artists: Wendy Bertelsen. Beth Campbell. Vicki Chapman-Mager. Jacqueline Colleaux.
Christine Devrome. Rajinder Dhand. Crystal Dyck. Sylvie Francoeur. Judy Francoeur. Sharon Higham. Gertrude Hunker. Lana Husulak. Olive Kalapaca. Mary Kruger. Pat McBeath. Cheryl MacDonald.
Corla McGillivray. Louise Roy. Betty Ann Whittaker.

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