About Calories

Who We Are

A message from Calories’ Chef  Taszia Thakur & Karan Thakur

We have found our home…

After completing my training and spending almost 6 years building skills and acquiring experiences across the country and internationally, I arrived in the Calories’ kitchen five years ago and knew I arrived home. Karan’s hospitality education and training began in India followed by George Brown College. We met while managing at Elk Ridge Resort and Karan liked the prairies so much that having our own restaurant in Saskatchewan was a given.

The quality of food and respect for the ingredients is of paramount importance to us, as well as being a family for our employees, supporting local suppliers and giving back to the community.

With every meal we prepare and serve, our goal is to create an experience – a conversation between you and the season, the surroundings and the particular moment in time. We welcome you to join us on this journey.

Leading the way

  • Out of our concerns for health, Calories makes as it always has real soups, stocks & sauces from raw ingredients with no additives of any kinds, use real butter in all our baking and the list goes on.
  • Allergies & dietary restrictions, out of cooking from raw ingredient comes control over all the ingredients in our food. Guests are always surprised by what they can actually have on the menu and that is because we know what is in the dish, we made it!
  • First Non Smoking restaurant in Saskatoon – there was no law then, just concerns for patrons and employees, it took 15 years for legislation to catch up.
  • First 3 course menu or “table d’hote.”
  • Local food long before it was “in” and now a push for better local food.
  • The first premium cocktails & events caterer in Saskatoon.
  • Oh, and we almost forgot the desserts!