Let things taste of what they are.

~alice waters~

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We envision a place where we belong, where our actions nurture the environment and our food sources, where people thrive, craftsmanship and traditions flourish, a place where the mind can rest and wander. We hope that we can show you the world through our eyes while you are here in our care.

Current Events

Live @ Calories

  • Ann Donald Art Show June 1st – June 29th

    Ann Brooymans Donald has lived and taught art in Saskatoon for over 18 years. She enjoys captivating images in her environment. Her connections with nature is the inspiration for her
  • Monique Martin at Calories

    Monique is a multi-disciplinary artist from Saskatoon, Canada. Focusing on specific concepts, she undertakes extensive research prior to creating her work, often incorporating historically significant symbols and images to express

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Our History

Since 1990

Calories, a reflection on 30 years of community leadership and cooking

The Calories experience is about so much more than just food. It is about sustainability and community. We make a sincere effort to educate our staff on all aspects of food and wine, it is the basis of our service philosophy. Our dedicated and hard working team is the link between local growers and suppliers, our kitchen and you our guests. Our emphasis on smart, witty and intelligent people and French service inspired guidelines allows us to let you experience real true cuisine, not stuffy classic, not pretentious contemporary but real, simple, fresh and seasonal.

Summer Hours: Closed Mondays in July & August, Closed for summer holidays July 8th - July 18th.