Tetiana Hrytsenko is a Ukrainian artist who came to Canada about seven years ago. She graduated from an art school and worked as a designer in Ukraine. She now lives and works in Saskatoon, where together with her husband she raises four kids.

I have called this particular art series “Happy Fish.” An idea to create these works came rather unexpectedly. I think that I was able to create here the style on its own. I used apoxy and acrylic. In a way, it was an experiment. Before this, I mostly drew landscape using water color. Occasionally, I would use an acrylic and oil paint, enjoying painting on a fabric. These artworks are decorative and at the same time ornamental. Technique used appeared to make them look very unusual and unique, and I really enjoyed to observe how colors were blending slowly when flowing on the canvas. This phenomenon produced a number of unexpected decisions for using color and compositions. Each piece is spontaneous and simply a result of my mind play. A few unique effects were achieved due to a mix of properties of various colors’ contents. When looking closely, it is possible to notice a number of subtle details which in turn make the work impossible to copy or even imitate on a fine print.