My art work has been a visual representation of what I consider to be a key factor in the human experience, emotion. The images are brought to life through the use of a vibrant color palate and appear to move beyond the boundaries of the canvas. My paintings capture the attention of the viewer and provide each one with a unique visual experience.

My work has evolved over the years; however, my signature has remained the same, vibrant colors. The use of an aggressive color palate has allowed me to generate an energy that is highly infectious and evocative. While the marriage of color and movement is most amicable, there is a push and pull of emotion that is ruminating below the surface and the contradiction of energy and calmness is ever present. It is this push and pull that drives the creative process as I strive to increase the depth of the visual experience for those who want to take part in it.

I enjoy experimenting with a variety of mediums (molding paste, Venetian plaster, beads, crystals, fabric) and often use them in a somewhat unconventional manner. I am continuously seeking ways in which to be innovative with my craft and peek the curiosity of the viewers.

My art has been positively influenced by both my career as a psychologist and as an artist. I have had the opportunity to study the human psyche and form and my attention has increasingly been drawn to figures and now to the human face. Actions truly can speak louder than words and our ability to read these actions in part defines our existence.

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