Making art has always been my way to connect. Time evaporates when I am absorbed in the stroke of a brush. I am exposed, challenged, fluctuating from self-examining depth to random acts of play, often resulting in enlightenment!
My recent work touches close to my heart, memories of the freedom I had as a child at my grandparent’s farm and the deep respect I have for them and their history. Pioneers bravely accepted the harshness of prairie life. They became sky watchers. The character of those that rely on nature for their livelihood amazes me.
I too became a sky watcher after moving from the city fifteen years ago. Initially it was out of fear, having experienced a “plow” wind in the first week. Now I am passionate about what will unfold before me each day.

The rise and set of the sun spilling color that makes my mouth water. From the raging, swirling fearful churning that encourages predictions “it might hit us” just to watch it skirt around and miss … or not. The infinite, clear blue, wide open space of a cloudless sky instilling a peaceful humbleness, while white puffy clouds, playfully splitting, expanding, forming shapes to ponder.
A message for me to take notice and stand solid through the fleeting violence, the tender wisps of hope and often surprising splashes of joy. I openly receive this gift of the vast prairie sky.​