At humblebee, we create hand poured beeswax candles. Our candles are made in Saskatchewan, using Saskatchewan beeswax. We buy directly from local hives, clean the wax ourselves, then pour each and every candle.

We live in small town Hepburn, SK. We are happily married with a wonderful son, a new baby girl and a beautiful cat. By day, we each have our own jobs. Jesse, my husband, works in Saskatoon. By night (well, all the time!), he owns Cherry Tree Woodworks, so he’s creating new ideas and bringing them to life in his workshop. As for myself, Brittany, during the day I take care of our baby, wrangle our energetic toddler and encourage their ever growing worlds to bloom. By night, I build humblebee into what I hope will bring knowledge to those who don’t know about beeswax, products to those who want to enjoy the benefits, and a chance for everyone to support local, hand made items. (While also supporting the bees!)