Abby Holtslander is a painter, potter, and printmaker based in Saskatoon. Abby has created art her whole life but has only recently endeavored to share her paintings with the Saskatoon community. Abby has a particular love for representing the feminine form in various configurations and styles. This show features two of Abby’s contrasting styles of painting figures.


The first body of pieces represents Abby’s perception of beauty in the female form. It features calm and self-confident women with distorted body proportions and skin of all colours and shades. The pieces evoke a joyful yet calming energy through the use of vibrant, yet natural tones. Each piece is meant to inspire viewers with one word, such as “listen” or “grow” to motivate self-reflection and the acceptance of themselves and others.


In the second body of pieces, Abby combines her love for painting texture and movement with her desire to portray tranquility and intensity at once. In contrast to Abby’s other body of pieces, where the pronounced shapes and outlines tell the story of faceless women, these pieces feature striking faces that stare back at the viewer with relaxed strength. It is Abby’s hope that through her expression, she creates images that portray the power and peace she sees in femininity.

In addition to being an artist, Abby is also currently in her final year of law school at the University of Saskatchewan.