“The Seaside Meadows Collection is an escape toward bucolic oceanside summer days. This collection has been a long time coming and is inspired by a trip taken to the Maritimes to celebrate a milestone birthday. I’ve long felt connected to those eastern shores, but this trip provided new inspiration as meadows and wild beaches were explored and seen in a different light. I had planned to paint these pieces upon our return, but life took over. And then a worldwide pandemic hit. As we’ve all stayed in place over this past year, longing for travel, exploration and peaceful days has returned stronger than ever. It only felt right to attempt to paint those longings into existence. Seaside Meadows is an ode to the quiet solitude found in wildflowers and the waving natural grass beside ocean waters. My hope is that these pieces provide a gentle reprieve from the heaviness of this year and allow the mind to rest in the natural wonder of the Atlantic shores. ”

Jenni Haikonen is an impressionistic painter and botanical watercolourist working out of Saskatoon SK. She creates pieces inspired by natural landscapes, with a focus on preservation and conservation. Her artistic practice explores the relationship between human, the atmosphere and the lands that surround us. You can find more of her work at www.jennihaikonen.com or on Instagram @jennihaikonen. She can also be contacted directly through email at jenni.haikonen8@gmail.com.