Artist Statement
Re-visit, re-new, re-work are all words used to describe this series. Using subject matter the
artist has incorporated into other works, and canvases once used for different paintings, has
allowed her to re-visit the faces she once spent time with learning their features and building
their stories. Like seeing an old friend or reading an old journal, coming back to the faces from
this new point in time remained cathartic. Being able to layer these experiences that are only
attained through the passage of time has enhanced not only the visual journey of each piece
but also the conceptual nature of the work. This series is a manifestation of the body through
time; the body of work, the bodies in the work, the artist body making the work and the
stretched canvas as a body for the work.

Artist Bio
Emily Zdunich is a Saskatoon based interdisciplinary artist who has developed a figurative
practice in painting, installation sculpture, and printmaking. Emily is a recent graduate of the
Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours, and Art History department at the University of Saskatchewan.
Emily investigates the concept of the body though gendered experience, birth, mortality and
time. Her focus is on the human condition and exploring connections between the physical
body and the emotional body. As well as searching for links between human relationship
patterns and patterns found in the natural world, both on a micro and macro scale.