Ann Donald – Biography

Ann Donald has lived and taught art in Saskatoon for over 20 years. Ann has been in
numerous exhibitions throughout Canada and Holland.  She has been teaching art in
galleries, museums, high schools, elementary schools and universities for over 30 years.
Ann holds degrees related to creating and teaching art from Mount Alison University,
Concordia University, University of Western, York University and an Art Academy in
Enschede, Holland. She can be reached at 306-281-4477 or
Her images are on Instagram at ann_donald and


This exhibition focuses on my love of the land that surrounds me.  As I travel
Saskatchewan and Canada, I photograph, draw and paint the beauty of nature that I see. I
work out small sketches and build interpretations of my favorite places and compositions.
I create larger paintings of the images that are particularly meaningful to me. Using
drawing and the elements and principles of design I create interpretations of what I see
and what I feel. I really try to capture the essence of the beauty and joy I feel while
experiencing the land. Light, color, shape, space and line are the major elements I use to
compose my paintings. This exhibition shows experimentation with the use of India ink,
acrylics and oils on either canvas or wood panel.