Horns ‘n Hooves

This exhibition explores the form, beauty, strength, spirit and resilience of the domestic animals that have been central to our existence for thousands of years. These creatures have not only supplied us with food, shelter, clothing, tools and transportation but have also acted as beasts of burden for centuries and require little from us in return. These portraits are inspired by the domestic animals I have recently met through friends and family and during our travels afar.
They are close-up, immersive and often eye-to-eye in order to connect with the animal’s inner core and sometimes they contain a humorous edge in order to capture the creature’s personality. Using encaustic, oil and assorted drawing materials, I pay homage to these animalsof the horn and hoof variety in order to acknowledge their contributions to our world.


KATHY BRADSHAW is a Saskatoon-based artist who works with a range of subject matters in oil and encaustic, an ancient medium treasured for its luminosity, layering capabilities and mysterious nature. Since receiving her B.F.A. with great distinction from the U. of S. in 2005, Bradshaw has taken an array of classes from local and international artists, participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions across Canada and won several awards for her landscape work and animal portraiture.  She was also recently named a “Saskatchewan Artist to Watch in 2019”. Currently represented by galleries in Regina, Waskesiu, Calgary, Canmore and St. John, N.B., her paintings are part of collections across Canada and around the world.

Contact Information:
Website: www.kathybradshawart.com Email: kathybradshawart@gmail.com