Artist Statement

Eye on U is a collection of street photographs of storefronts across the world,
taken using vintage cameras.  The negatives and prints were hand developed.

Everything is fashion and everything is art.

How we choose to decorate our bodies,

our private spaces,

our public spaces,

our architecture,

our gardens and the food we eat are
all part of our own personal artistic expression.

All these forms of expression have become fashion statements and speak volumes to our way of life

and the way we choose to exist.


Trint Thomas is a Fine art photographer specializing in 35mm black and white photography. Trint was born and raised in Saskatoon Saskatchewan but currently lives in North Vancouver British-Columbia. He uses a variety of cameras from vintage to digital. He does his own developing and darkroom work to achieve the images he prints himself.

Trint works almost exclusively with his Leica M3 and M8, although is known to use vintage 35mm cameras from the late 1900’s, when the occasion calls for it. The work he creates is visually captivating; the images both thought provoking and moving, often cause for self-reflection.

Trint’s work leaves a lasting impression on the viewer. Trint Thomas has been exhibiting his work for over a decade including both group and solo exhibitions. His work has begun to gain international attention and recently was exhibited in the John Michael Kohler gallery in the United States.