Cultural Appreciation’, tells 14 stories of strength and beauty through the contemporary Indigenous fashion designs of collaborator, Lauren Good Day, set on the harsh, yet mesmerizing prairie landscapes of Treaty 6 Territory.  Each painting is a visual and impressionistic form of storytelling – sharing the perspectives of others through bold, colourful and organic brush and knife strokes.  Leaving the details up to you, the ‘receiver’.

I invite you to immerse yourself.  Imagine the stories.  Be filled with curiosity and wonder.  Be connected to the land.  Feel the strength and beauty.  And appreciate the culture.


Rachelle Brockman is an experienced and award-winning post-secondary educator, a passionate artist, volunteer, mother, partner and an enthusiastic entrepreneur.  In addition to being a Professional Artist, she the Principal of Eureka Experience ( – guiding ‘Passionate, Productive People’ and the Lead Facilitator of The Betty-Ann Heggie Womentorship Program.

Rachelle, of Métis and Irish descent, learned to appreciate art and nature from her mother and grandmother. Her wild ideas and curiosity are thanks to her adventurous father and the freedom she had growing up north of Prince Albert.  And her deep desire to understand and connect with people and perspectives is a result of her experience working with diverse people.

Rachelle is the illustrator of two children’s books, published by Nelson Publishing, the former owner and lead Art Instructor at Creative Minds Studio.  Her paintings can currently be enjoyed in person at D’Lish Café, UNA Pizza & Wine and Calories Restaurant.

Collaborating Fashion Designer. Lauren Good Day “Good Day Woman” is a Multi-award winning Arikara, Hidatsa, Blackfeet and Plains Cree artist. She has shown her artwork at the world’s most prestigious Native American juried art shows.  She has been awarded in a diverse range of artwork and was presented with the prestigious Best of Tribal Arts award.

Being a sought after artist and designer her work is in numerous public and private collections internationally. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Indigenous Studies from the Institute of American Indian Arts and Culture in Santa Fe, NM. Lauren lives on the rolling hills of North Dakota, her traditional homelands. Her role as a mother and woman of her tribe guide her to continue on the arts of her people for the generations to come.  For more about Lauren, visit or  @laurengoodday.

A note about Cultural Appreciation from designer, Lauren Good Day:

“Let’s talk CULTURAL APPRECIATION vs cultural appropriation.  Often, I get asked if it’s okay for Non-Natives to wear or collect my work.  I always say yes, it’s absolutely appreciated to support authentic Native art & design direct from enrolled tribal artists.  So many major companies appropriate Native imagery & iconography with zero Indigenous partnership and it doesn’t benefit actual Native people or communities.  Wearing Native American Art you’ve purchased from the artist directly is CULTURAL APPRECIATION and is okay!” (Lauren Good Day, Jan. 2020)