Artist Statement

The collaboration for this exhibition by Cindy Hergott- Pellerin and Karen Pask-
Thompson is the result of uncovering a similar process and subject in creating their art.
Both artist’s use the land as a muse and respond on a visceral level to the landscape.
Hergott -Pellerin explores the multi -layered surfaces, shapes and calm the landscape
provides whereas Pask -Thompson’s work is narrative and strives to uncover stories
held within the history of the landscape. Hergott-Pellerin uses a bird’s eye view of the
land and Pask-Thompson uses the bird as a metaphor for hidden stories weathered on
the landscape.
Pask-Thompson and Hergott-Pellerin are committed to an authentic process that
explores their internal connections to making art and engaging fully with the materials.
They both push and pull with color, lines, shapes, and texture. Critical to their work is
their commitment to focus on the process of art making, where play and risk is central
rather than the end product. The work is a result of this play; therefore, it is the process
that leads the direction and outcome of the work. The dialogue between the paintings
provides the viewer with information that may help to inform their own experience with
the land.