Winter is a season that affects us all.  Cold weather can force you into a state of hibernation or, on the other hand, you can enhance the moods winter has to offer.  Weather conditions dictate how long you can comfortably remain outside before having to go back inside to warm up.

Nature provides marvelous backdrops for the venturous spirit to view and even photograph, recording memories for others to enjoy as well.  Shorter daylight hours result in less time for people to enjoy their favourite outdoor wintertime activities.

If you keep your eyes open, many opportunities can arise for recording the beauty of nature found in our cold climate.  Photography provides opportunities to make stunning images of snow falling, sun dogs, backlit hoar frost, sunsets and many other subject matters.

My photographs incorporate a new style of presentation.  Metallic prints with ultraviolet liquid coating for protection replace the need for heavy glass and mat boards.  Prints are dry-mounted on feather board and a wooden or metal strip frame surrounds the image.    Photos can be viewed from any angle without the glare of reflections often found when viewing through glass.  The images presented here provide a unique approach to viewing winter.  It doesn’t have to be all bad – it can be snow magic!


Ken’s photography career started as a hobby in 1978.  He worked in the architectural technology profession for 20 years, while at the same time pursuing photography as a second career.   After 30 years of film photography, he produced his first book of photographs entitled, “Light Effects”.  In 2000, two of his photographs were chosen for the Saskatchewan Craft Council’s Dimensions Program.  In 2016, Ken’s digital photograph, “Resplendence” was shortlisted for the Royal Photographic Society’s International Print Competition.  The photograph, “Resplendence” was also purchased in 2016 by the Mann Art Gallery, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, for their permanent collection.  In 2018 he produced both digital and film DVD’s.

Ken is primarily a self-taught photographer.  In 1983 and 1985, he took one week of courses in photography at the Emma Lake Art Camp with Professor Hans Dommasch.  Ken learned a lot about photography through osmosis by being immersed in a natural photographic environment of lakes and forests.  He regularly reads and studies many books and articles on photography as an art form.  He first learned and worked with various types of film cameras, darkroom equipment and related processes, and since 2007 has progressed to digital photography.  He has also attended professional art-related workshops.

Some favorite photographic themes are landscapes, flowers, architecture and capturing the light and shadows in everyday surroundings.  Recently, utilizing digital techniques, Ken has developed an interest in combining parts of photographs into collage representations of reality and fantasy which adds another dimension to the resulting compositions. His work is available in shops and galleries in Saskatchewan or by contacting him directly via his website:

Ken Tickner Photography

Ken resides in Saskatoon, with his wife, Cathy.