Sea of Sky

There’s something about a big Saskatchewan sky that never ceases to inspire me. It might be the way the light is shining through the clouds, a subtle pink along the bottom of the horizon, or the movement of an incoming storm- there is so much beauty woven throughout these everyday moments, I feel compelled to capture it and share with others through my art. These expressions of the landscape are all little pieces of home, ready to transport you to a familiar place of peace, fresh air, and natural beauty.


Nicole paints from her home studio on an acreage near Saskatoon, where she lives with her husband and two young children. Born and raised in the prairies, her work reflects her deep appreciation for the open fields, big skies, and fresh air that surround her.

Working primarily with acrylics (and sometimes incorporating 24 karat gold) she creates almost exclusively from memory- aiming to capture the feeling of a moment more than a specific view. “If someone can look at one of my paintings and feel the same sense of calm & joy that I felt in the moments that inspired it, then I know I have succeeded,” she says.

Since the release of her first collection in late 2018, her work has been well-received, with collectors extending across Canada and the United States and a body of licensed work available through companies including Minted, Target and West Elm.