The gesturing of a single petal, the intensity of a blossom’s hue radiating from the warmth of the sun, the textured ripples of a bud opening to greet new life: small miracles that entice and inspire my creative process.  Painting with encaustic (beeswax) allows me the versatility to explore my botanical intrigue with a unique modern approach using a traditional medium.
In its simplest form, encaustic art is painting with molten beeswax applied and fused in several layers.

Encaustic is an organic and sustainable art medium
made by combining natural beeswax with damar tree resin adding pigments
for coloration.

Creating with this medium is physically engaging and immensely sensory.
I savor the warmth of the wax, the sweet honey aroma as it is heated on my
palette, the texture variables of the surfaces, and especially the use of fire
fusing the layers of wax.
Once cured, encaustic art is archival, possessing a tactile luminous
translucency that is truly beautiful and unique.
My sincere hope is that these simple blooms bring to life for you some of what
I cherish about the miraculous botanical beauty that surrounds us every day.

Michelle paints from her home studio in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Born and raised in northern Saskatchewan, her interest in botanicals was
nurtured from a very young age and is passionately reflected in Michelle’s
current art practice.
Formally educated in Psychology and Interior Design, she has pursued her
creative interest in encaustics through intensive workshops in Seattle,
Sacramento and Minneapolis.
Since the first public release of her work in 2018,  Michelle’s work has been
well received, with collectors extending all across Canada as well as the
United States.

Instagram @michelleplettart
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