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Looking out your back door in Saskatchewan means catching a glimpse of a secret world. At first glance, you might see a butterfly in flight. In the next, you may see a garden in bloom – every flower bursting with colour and personality. You might hear a bird in song, or observe insects buzzing. Perhaps, you see the wind blowing through a distant wheat field. And maybe, your gaze falls upon yourefforts in the garden – ready for plucking, picking or digging. The roots of many vegetables running deep within the soil – a reminder of strength. Each glimpse is different. Each one we’ve tried to capture. After a long winter, these signs of life are welcome. And perhaps this spring, the celebration of life is more poignant than ever. The long, cold winters teach us to appreciate and cherish the beauty of the lives that surround us when spring arrives. We take pleasure in the exquisite sights of creatures and treasures that inhabit the garden each day. So, we celebrate them with colour inspired by their light, optimism, renewal and hope. May this curated collection of our favourite pieces bring you joy – Welcome to the Saskatchewan Garden Party.

Amber Antymniuk

Amber Antymniuk has always loved tocreate. She grew up on an acreage outside Tisdale, Saskatchewan, a place perfectly suited for imaginations to wander. Amber continued learning and creating while she completed a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Regina, where she specialized in Arts
Education, with a major in visual arts and a minor in English. She holds a Fine Arts degree from the same university. Her love for art was shared with students while teaching Arts Education in the
Saskatoon Public School Division for five years before taking parental leave. Amber is a passionate stay-at-home parent who now shares her wandering imagination and love for creating with her two children, Archie and Al. Amber is the author and illustrator of two local children’s books – H is for Home: A Saskatchewan Alphabet and Grandpa’s Garage.

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Maria is a Swedish/Australian illustrator and Art Director, living and working in Saskatoon with her husband and two young girls. Drawing and painting runs deep in her veins, and growing up in the art mecca that is Europe, she was always surrounded by inspiration to create. She doesn’t feel she has a specific style but likes to think of herself as a forever student of art, always evolving and exploring her
creativity. With that said, her specialities include delicate watercolour paintings as well as a
cartoon children’s book illustration style. Since moving to Canada she has been inspired by Saskatchewan nature and has immersed herself in several projects surrounding this theme. Maria holds a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communications from the University of Technology Sydney, Australia. She is currently a freelance illustrator while also working full-time as an Art Director. She has many creative experiences under her belt including textile and pattern design, photography, animation, book design, typography, and fine art. She has over a decade of experience in advertising where she has created big brand campaigns for local and global clients, making TV commercials, billboards, print and digital.

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