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A Walk Toward the Sunny Hill is a contemplative study on a journey, both of a physical journey to the wild prairie fields that surround the home where I grew up and a journey of the soul as I respond to the land that I discover. Each painting examines the land- how it moves, how it plays a role in shaping those that tread upon it, what it is composed of. The show is composed of two parts- 10 impressionistic abstract canvas pieces that explore the grassy fields and the effects that they have on the viewer as the wind blows through. An additional 6 watercolour pieces are included under the title, The Living Things I Brought Back With Me, which examine the individual parts that these fields are composed of and how those parts may be preserved.

I am a botanical watercolour artist and abstract impressionistic painter working out of Saskatoon, SK, having recently moved back after a stint in Vancouver. I create pieces inspired by the natural landscapes around me and I desire to reflect the relationship between the human soul, atmosphere, and the land. I find myself drawn toward the Victorian Naturalist movement along with the history of wildcrafting and natural medicine. I currently sell my work online, in a few local shops and am quite often taking on new commission work for botanical pieces or house portraits.

You can find more of my work at or on lnstagram: @jennihaikonen.
If you wish to contact me, you can send me an email at

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This body of work was comprised over the many months of winter.
The warm swirls of acrylic paint were therapeutic during a long stretch of darker days.
The prairie climate forces it’s inhabitants to brave a harsh environment.
The reward of Spring is welcome and always provides us with new hope and rejuvenation.

Leslie Hensrud


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Art Show March 26th – April 25th, 2018
Wendy Siemens is a Saskatoon born painter and children’s book illustrator. She comes from a family of artists and has been painting and drawing all of her life. Wendy has degrees in art and education – she teaches art at St. Joseph High School. Wendy works in a wide variety of mediums on a wide variety of subjects. Wendy loves to show her work and has a long history of art shows throughout the province. Current subjects are based on landscape but Wendy produced shows based on Modern Mechanicals – cars, trains, automobiles, rodeo and horse racing, The Rockers, flowers and nature, fish, animals and birds. Wendy always finds time to spend with family, friends and the family beagle Blue. Wendy has a stall selling art and jewellery at the Saskatoon Farmers Market where she can talk to people. Wendy does a lot of commission works through Siemens Artworks at The Saskatoon Farmers Market. Email
Phone 306.221.7029
Check her out in Facebook under Wendy Siemens or Siemens Artworks

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Meet Leo Laniece. We have known Leo most of his life. He has been a member of our kitchen team since he was 14. He is also a double bassist in his last year of a Bachelor of Performance in Music at the University of Saskatchewan. The Leo Laniece Trio will be playing for you on Valentines.

Leo’s dedication and love for music inspire us. We don’t know too many young men who can cook their heart out during a crazy busy brunch service and then play the bass for 4 hours. Leo has performed with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra Institute, TD Jazz Intensives, UofS Jazz Ensemble and the National Youth Band of Canada.

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My work gives recognition to negative space, line, texture and colour. The negative spaces hold individual stories or significant ideas, paintings unto themselves. The challenge is to ensure that these individual spaces exist as a whole. It is a process of giving recognition to these spaces, searching for balance in chaos, seeking relationships between the lines, textures and overlapping colour planes.
Although the work is abstract in nature, the familiar themes engage the viewer and invite them to linger, enticing them to move closer in search of stories within the layers of paint. The work creates a relationship between representation and abstraction, which plays with the viewer’s expectations and allows them to experience both genres.

For more information on Cindy’s work please visit

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Art Show March 28th – April 25th

In late 2007 I decided I needed a change of atmosphere. I quit my job, bought some good tools and went out on my own. I started building high quality kitchen cabinets at an affordable price. Over the years I discovered my true passion was handcrafting furniture and smaller items such as jewelry boxes, keepsake boxes and cutting boards out of solid wood. Now my wife and I travel to local craft shows to promote and sell our products.

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At humblebee, we create hand poured beeswax candles. Our candles are made in Saskatchewan, using Saskatchewan beeswax. We buy directly from local hives, clean the wax ourselves, then pour each and every candle.

We live in small town Hepburn, SK. We are happily married with a wonderful son, a new baby girl and a beautiful cat. By day, we each have our own jobs. Jesse, my husband, works in Saskatoon. By night (well, all the time!), he owns Cherry Tree Woodworks, so he’s creating new ideas and bringing them to life in his workshop. As for myself, Brittany, during the day I take care of our baby, wrangle our energetic toddler and encourage their ever growing worlds to bloom. By night, I build humblebee into what I hope will bring knowledge to those who don’t know about beeswax, products to those who want to enjoy the benefits, and a chance for everyone to support local, hand made items. (While also supporting the bees!)

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Interconnection bridges two series works RADAR and STRINGS

Odette Nicholson is a professional artist working primarily as a painter. Formally trained at Langara Fine Art College in Vancouver, Odette holds a BFA Honours degree from the University of Saskatchewan. Her studio art practice is focused on series production where painting ideas are cultivated from her intense subject interest of the moment, and from family life and her prairie background. She is also known for her projects in design renovation and construction.

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“A BEAUTIFUL UNITY” highlights the relationship of two different plants coming together in an exquisite, profound way.

Those plants took root on a simple core neighbourhood fence over the course of the summer and fall of 2016 in Pleasant Hill, right beside St. Mary’s Elementary School. Due to a combination of flash freezing along with a host of other environmental factors, these seedheads managed to remain intact despite being in a open field, all throughout the winter season.

This series, “A Beautiful Unity”, was a serendipitous occurrence I noticed after I had took a pause from a chaotic lifestyle to appreciate the beauty of nature that often gets overlooked. As I approached this overcrowded fence of seedheads during the beginning of the winter season, I was amazed by how those two delicate plants formed a relationship to support each other despite the complications those plants faced. In a way, I saw these plants as a symbol of love and courage. And in a way, these plants can relate to us in life.

My purpose for this series was to photograph the complex and the simple, and portray the beauty of love and courage these plants have for each other. In our world today, life is not meant to be straightforward. That overcrowded fence was a beautiful mess but as we get closer, we can learn that life can be simple as long as there is someone or something alongside us to bear it.


Natasha Yokoyama-Ramsay is a freelance photographer currently based in Saskatoon. She graduated with a degree in photography and design from Alberta College of Art + Design and has participated in several group shows in Calgary, Alberta. Natasha’s main interest in photography is portraits, where she seeks raw qualities and reveals the honest and vulnerable characteristics in her subjects.

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