Joleen grew up with an interest in art starting at a very young age and followed that interest to the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary. She received her BFA Degree with a major in Visual Communications and went into the advertising and design industry working as an Art Director for a leading advertising agency in Saskatoon.

Fine art however has always been a first love. After leaving the advertising industry to start a family she has been able to pursue her passion for painting and drawing…working with acrylics is her preferred medium for its flexibility and unique characteristics that are unlike any other medium. Joleen explores abstract and derivative landscapes as the possibilities are endless, especially with the Saskatchewan prairies as an inspiration.

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étudiant en philosophie et de la langue française / student in philosophy and french

Le monde francophone est ma première exposition photographique achevée. L’exposition est appropriée car la langue française et la culture francophone sont parmi mes fascinations. Bien que le français soit parlé de par le monde, contrairement à l’anglais, il est improbable de pouvoir aller partout au monde et de pouvoir y entendre les phrases les plus simples en français. Par contre, le français peut être découvert au sein de petites «poches» dans toutes les régions du monde. Cette collection de mes voyages se présente dans trois «poches» francophones: le Québec, le Maroc, et bien sûr, la France. J’essaie d’illustrer les différences entre ces pays tout en les liant par leur langue commune. La plupart des photos incluent des gens qui sont à mi-mouvement. Cela donne le sentiment d’être présent dans les photos, elles n’ont ainsi pas l’air d’être fixes ou situées dans le passé. Chaque photo est développée exclusivement en série de cinq tirages.

J’espère que vous les apprécierez.

Le monde francophone is my first complete photographic collection. It seems appropriate as the french language and culture has become one of my greatest fascinations. While french is one of the most spoken languages around the world, one cannot expect to hear it in the majority of countries.  However, it can be found in little “pockets” across every region.  This collection of my travels occurs in three of those “pockets”: Québec, Morocco, and of course, France.  I attempt to demonstrate the differences of these countries while linking them with their common spoken language.  It as well, for the most part of the collection, includes persons mid-action of their motions which gives the sense of viewing and being in that exact moment rather than solely viewing a static image. Each photo is exclusively developed in a series of five.


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After completing a Fine Arts degree in her homeland of Turkey, Muveddet has taken inspiration from the art, history and surroundings of her native country to create her unique artistic vision. Using mixed mediums, calligraphy symbols and rich colour and texture, she has attempted to capture the feelings of the rich and varied artistic tradition of Anatolia in an updated and contemporary interpretation.

This is an absolute must see before the show moves on to Vancouver and Toronto.

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My art work has been a visual representation of what I consider to be a key factor in the human experience, emotion. The images are brought to life through the use of a vibrant color palate and appear to move beyond the boundaries of the canvas. My paintings capture the attention of the viewer and provide each one with a unique visual experience.

My work has evolved over the years; however, my signature has remained the same, vibrant colors. The use of an aggressive color palate has allowed me to generate an energy that is highly infectious and evocative. While the marriage of color and movement is most amicable, there is a push and pull of emotion that is ruminating below the surface and the contradiction of energy and calmness is ever present. It is this push and pull that drives the creative process as I strive to increase the depth of the visual experience for those who want to take part in it.

I enjoy experimenting with a variety of mediums (molding paste, Venetian plaster, beads, crystals, fabric) and often use them in a somewhat unconventional manner. I am continuously seeking ways in which to be innovative with my craft and peek the curiosity of the viewers.

My art has been positively influenced by both my career as a psychologist and as an artist. I have had the opportunity to study the human psyche and form and my attention has increasingly been drawn to figures and now to the human face. Actions truly can speak louder than words and our ability to read these actions in part defines our existence.

My work can be viewed at, and I can be contacted at

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It is such a pleasure for me to be able to display my work in the warm and lively atmosphere of Calories. Many of the paintings are brand new and reflect my continuing interest in local landscapes featuring cattle and farmland. Woodlands that could be Saskatchewan inspired are also reminiscent of places I have been in my birth province of Ontario. In recent months I find myself just as likely to paint from an instinctive memory as from an existing setting. This is interesting to me and allows whimsy and elements of curiosity to infuse the work.


I hope that you enjoy the paintings.


Bridget V. Aitken

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The Saskatoon Painters Club was formed in 1992 by Grace

Boyle. Grace continues to be an active member of the

club. There are now twenty members, who meet at Grace

Westminster United Church on Wednesdays from

September through April.

The weekly painting sessions provide a place where they

are able to share the different genres, techniques and

ways to promote their work. They are always challenging

themselves artistically by bringing in professional artists to

lead workshops several times a year.

The Saskatoon Painters make up an eclectic group painting

in watercolour, acrylic, and collage with styles ranging

from impressionism and realism to abstract. They show

their work at a number of venues throughout Saskatoon.

Their year long endeavors culminate in a three day show

and sale every October at Grace Westminster United


We love what we do and it’s a treat for us to share our

work. Enjoy!

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Eggs Benedict, quiche, pancakes, crepes are delicious all made with local ingredients but perfection takes time. Make sure to reserve your table early… See you on Sunday.

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Tetiana Hrytsenko is a Ukrainian artist who came to Canada about seven years ago. She graduated from an art school and worked as a designer in Ukraine. She now lives and works in Saskatoon, where together with her husband she raises four kids.

I have called this particular art series “Happy Fish.” An idea to create these works came rather unexpectedly. I think that I was able to create here the style on its own. I used apoxy and acrylic. In a way, it was an experiment. Before this, I mostly drew landscape using water color. Occasionally, I would use an acrylic and oil paint, enjoying painting on a fabric. These artworks are decorative and at the same time ornamental. Technique used appeared to make them look very unusual and unique, and I really enjoyed to observe how colors were blending slowly when flowing on the canvas. This phenomenon produced a number of unexpected decisions for using color and compositions. Each piece is spontaneous and simply a result of my mind play. A few unique effects were achieved due to a mix of properties of various colors’ contents. When looking closely, it is possible to notice a number of subtle details which in turn make the work impossible to copy or even imitate on a fine print.

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"Cause a little bit of summer is what the whole year is all about" J. Mayer