Tetiana Hrytsenko is a Ukrainian artist who came to Canada about seven years ago. She graduated from an art school and worked as a designer in Ukraine. She now lives and works in Saskatoon, where together with her husband she raises four kids.

I have called this particular art series “Happy Fish.” An idea to create these works came rather unexpectedly. I think that I was able to create here the style on its own. I used apoxy and acrylic. In a way, it was an experiment. Before this, I mostly drew landscape using water color. Occasionally, I would use an acrylic and oil paint, enjoying painting on a fabric. These artworks are decorative and at the same time ornamental. Technique used appeared to make them look very unusual and unique, and I really enjoyed to observe how colors were blending slowly when flowing on the canvas. This phenomenon produced a number of unexpected decisions for using color and compositions. Each piece is spontaneous and simply a result of my mind play. A few unique effects were achieved due to a mix of properties of various colors’ contents. When looking closely, it is possible to notice a number of subtle details which in turn make the work impossible to copy or even imitate on a fine print.

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Meet Kathryn Gorectke, a local Regina artist who in her spare time is also a Physical Therapist, mom and wife. Kathryn has had a lifelong love for art but most recently dove into the world of acrylics approximately 5 years ago. She is for the most part self- taught but was inspired and encouraged along the way by many great art teachers through the years. What started with one painting for a church art show has turned into an exciting few years of several local art shows in Prince Albert and Regina and now Saskatoon. She has paintings across the Prairies and as far as Vancouver Island, Baltimore, Seattle, Yellowknife, Toronto, Bolivia and Australia.
Kathryn is inspired by creation around her, and in particular the living skies of the prairies and trees. Kathryn loves to look at landscapes, while in nature or from a photograph and visualize the transformation into a painting. There are so many beautiful pieces of creation just waiting to be painted! There are many painters that have provided inspiration for her journey including the Impressionists, the Group of Seven, Emily Carr and she is spurred on by a community of creative friends and fellow artists. It is an honor to embark on this artistic journey.
“Texturized; caricatures of nature; captures the essence” ~ Evonne Garnett
“While each painting is but a small vignette, the broad strokes of color , and the open space in Kathryn’s work speaks to the viewer’s soul in much the much the same way our western prairies captivate so many who live there” ~ Jason Bergen
“Bold unique lines, shapes of an impressionistic nature, exceptional colors-memories of Van Gogh, with hints of Carr, Lismer and Thompson, but a style that is all Gorectke. ~ Bruce Allan

Contact Information: Kathryn Gorectke (306) 530-4017
Kathryn Gorectke Art on Facebook

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